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The Chamber Newsletter offers an exciting opportunity to reach more than 4,000 key businesses with advertisements about your business ventures. To learn more about advertising opportunities in future issues contact.
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Isabel Fernandez, Trade Representative, USMCOC-NE,
Telephone (212)471-4702

If there is a topic you’d like to see covered in a future issue, write to northeast@usmcoc.org.

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USMCOC-NE Management Committee:
Rodrigo Amaré, Andrés Antonius, Eduardo Ramos-Gómez, Pat Sabino, Alexis Rovzar, Denise Simon and Rosemary Werrett.

Newsletter Committee:
Alejandro Ramos, Interim Executive Director; Sandra Betancur, Contributor; Julia Mold, Photographer.

The news reported in USMCOC-Northeast Chapter newsletter does not necessarily reflect the official position of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.


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