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Dear Members,

On behalf of the Management Committee (MC) of the United States Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter, I would like to inform you that Maria Fernandez has decided to step down as Executive Director of the Northeast Chapter, since she has been invited to collaborate with the Department of Culture of Mexico.

Please join me in congratulating Maria on her new position as Coordinator of Culture, Tourism and Development. I am sure you will agree that she has been an invaluable asset for the Chamber during the last four years. We wish her the best of luck in her new endeavors and we will certainly miss her.

We are inviting Maria to join us in New York for our “Cinco de Mayo” Luncheon on Friday, May 4th, for a farewell celebration. You will be receiving an invite for this event in the following weeks.

The MC has decided to appoint Alejandro Ramos as Interim Executive Director. We expect to have his final ratification as Executive Director during the next meeting of our Management Committee. Alejandro has been collaborating as Trade Representative of the Chamber for more than three years. He has the knowledge, expertise, skills and motivation to lead the Chamber to continue its path of growth and consolidation.

Alejandro’s telephone is (212) 471-4703 and his e-mail address: alejandro@usmcocne.org

We are confident that with the help and support of our very solid membership we will continue building a very strong and capable Chamber.

Thank you for your continuous support,

Warm regards,

Eduardo Ramos-Gomez
Northeast Chapter


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