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Dear Members,

As President of the United States -Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter, I would like to invite you all, to join me, in welcoming two important members to our Management Committee, Mr. René Boettcher, Chairman of Latin America and Head of Global Client Management for Latin America at BNY Mellon, and, Mr. José B. Martínez, Head of Corporate Public Affairs at CEMEX.

Not only the presence of BNY Mellon and Cemex in our Committee strengthens our organization, but the very personal talent and professional careers of, both, Mr. René Mr. Boettcher and Mr. José Martínez Madero, shall immensely contribute to  the growth, vision and  strategy of our Chamber and its interaction in the New York business community and beyond.

The addition of these two influential members to the Management Committee underscores the strength and diversity of the Committee and our Chapter. In the past few years the Management Committee has evolved to represent an increasing variety of sectors including finance, law, and business. The appointment of José Martínez Madero of CEMEX, one of the premier Mexican multinational companies, is a landmark since it is the first time, in the past several years, that a Mexican company has been represented in the Committee. Likewise, René Boettcher brings a high level of experience in the Latin American banking sector, in particular Mexico, due to the significant growth of the presence of BNY Mellon in Mexico.

The selection of these two valuable members comes at a time when relations between the United States and Mexico are living the concurrence of Presidential Elections. As the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce continues to promote trade, investment, and good relations between the two nations, it looks forward to the result of the elections in both countries and the prosperous business relations that shall continue to develop and strengthen between our nations.

Once again, please join me in welcoming to the Management Committee René Boettcher and José Martínez Madero.


Eduardo Ramos-Gomez
United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce
Northeast Chapter

(René Boettcher is Chairman of Latin America and Head of Global Client Management, Latin America, at BNY Mellon. At BNY Mellon Mr. Boettcher coordinates and executes the overall business strategy for Latin America, and he works closely with all of the bank’s business heads. Mr. Boettcher acts as the bank’s primary representative with each country’s regulatory authorities and oversees its regional efforts on employee engagement and talent management. José Martínez Madero is Head of Corporate Public Affairs at CEMEX and is responsible for coordinating strategy in this field worldwide. Previously, José held the position of Director of Continuous Improvement for CEMEX in EMEAA and of Director for Strategic Planning for CEMEX in Thailand respectively).

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