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Letter from the  Management Committee

This past September 26th, we held the third edition of the Engaged Forum, a conference aimed to bring more conscience about the challenges that Latin women face on their day-to-day while trying to succeed as businesswomen and entrepreneurs in the USA.
Our keynote speaker was madame Secretary Graciela Marquez Colin, the first women ever to hold this position in the Ministry of Economy in Mexico. We heard powerful women who are making a difference on the fight for gender inclusion and equality. We were reminded that each one of us is privileged. We are privileged because we were born under circumstances that have led us to obtain first class education and be involved in our business and communities as active participants. We are privileged because our actions or inactions can have an impact on the lives of women in North America. With that privilege comes responsibility, a responsibility to make a better world for women who are not as lucky as us, for our daughters and our communities.
I encourage you to be warriors, to fight every day to make this a better world where women are not viewed as sexual objects, as being less than men, less smart, less strong, less human… Speak up, be firm, be fierce, be brave, take risks, lead with courage and example.
Just remember that whatever your actions or inactions are today, they will have an impact on the lives of those women and men who are not as fortunate as us and on future generations to come. Take a leap and we will catch you, because together we are stronger! A stronger North American region to face the challenges of our globalized world.
With this message I would like to invite you to get involved in our Women Committeed initiative that the Northeast Chapter will be launching soon. A committee integrated by women committed to develop their personal and professional lives. It will be aimed to represent a diversified group of women and men from the public and private sectors engaged in advancing women’s leadership in business, society and public life through networking, professional development, mentorship, and community engagement. If you want to learn more and start getting involved, please reach out to us.

Rosa Ertze
President of the United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter

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