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IRS Provides New Options for Taxpayers with Undisclosed Foreign Financial Assets and Accounts

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) and U.S. Department of Justice have increased their efforts to encourage those taxpayers with undisclosed foreign financial assets and accounts to voluntarily ...


Lessons learned from IBM

I confess; I never worked for IBM. Not that I didn’t want to. I have submitted applications over the years for various positions with the company but, never generated any interest on their side ...


Mexico Infrastructure Investment

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and his administration are making major efforts to improve infrastructure within Mexico...


Oslo & Munich: Hotter Markets Than New York & Paris?

Real estate investors are getting more aggressive.
As they move across borders searching for attractive returns, and as multinational corporations ...

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Mexico as a Global Player: Foreign Affairs (May 15)

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North America: Economic and Business Relations within the Global Context (May 22)

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Latin America Meets Broadway: Exporting, Importing and Co-Producing Musicals & Plays (June 2)

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Cocktail Reception: Mexico City's Tourism Office (June 10)

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Spain & Latin American Networking Cocktail (Aug 28)

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  • Douglas Elliman
  • Littler
  • Pineda Covalin
  • Renée Niño de Rivera
  • Smile Train
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  • September
    Mexico's Monetary Policy & Economic Outlook : September 26 

  • October
    Energy Reform: Financing & Investment:
    October 3
    Mexico Business Investment Forum at NASDAQ:
    October 14

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