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Mexican Aerospace Industry: Reaching Higher Altitudes
Article provided by Promexico

Pro México

The development of Mexico’s aerospace industry took off over three decades ago and is now booming. Stimulated by diverse activities such as manufacturing, engineering, design and MRO, the industry is flying towards new altitudes: the complete assembly of aircrafts. Chances are that much of the car you are driving was built in Mexico. Increasingly, the planes you fly on are too. Aerospace companies are streaming to Mexico, drawn by lower wages, enthusiastic government promotion, a safety agreement with the US and an increasingly sophisticated workforce.

During the last five years, Mexico’s aerospace- related exports have more than tripled and the number of companies established in the country keeps on growing. Almost all of the Mexican aerospace sector exports are directed to the US market (81%); followed by France and Germany, each with 2.8%, and Canada and the UK come in third place with a participation rate of 2.6% each.

Currently, Mexico is the ninth largest provider to the US aerospace market and the sixth supplier to the European one. Exports are accelerating quickly as manufacturers move into big-ticket items like tails and fuselages.

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