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Information provided by the Mexico Tourism Board New York.


Considered one of the nation’s top three business centers and the closest of the three to the U.S. border, Monterrey has a flourishing hotel, restaurants and business infrastructure and a wide assortment of cultural and tourist attractions.

One of the city’s main business attractions is the Cintermex Convention, Exhibition, and Business Center, located ten minutes from Monterrey’s Downtown. This handicap accessible, state-of-the-art building center has 18 Convention Halls designed to hold 10 to 2,150 people. It is connected to two 2 hotels: Holiday Inn Parque Fundidora by a tunnel, and Antaris Cintermex by a bridge.

Complementing this and many other state-of-the-art facilities is Mexicans’ reputation for being hospitable and Mexico’s Zero VAT (Value Added Tax). Mexico has provided foreign organizers of meetings, conventions, trade fairs as well as its attendees with zero taxations, providing a 15% discount on most expenses.

While in Monterrey, business travelers may also enjoy ecotouristic activities by visiting the ecological park of Chipinque, located 5 miles south of Monterrey, where you can rent a mountain bike to admire the landscape, before hiking to the waterfall called Cola de Caballo (Horse’s Tail), an impressive waterfall 25 meters (82 feet) high. Or visit Cañón de Potrero Chico, a canyon located 25 miles northeast of Monterrey. There you will encounter the mouth of two canyons, considered the highest in the northern part of the country, where you can glide across a line suspended over the canyon.

Monterrey is also know for its unique gastronomy like the famous cabrito (grilled goat), and the machaca tacos (scrambled eggs with beef jerky).

This past May, Mexicana Airlines started a direct route between JFK and Monterrey’s International Airport. The Airbus A319 bridges the two cities together to facilitate travel in the hopes that New Yorkers will consider it as a location to hold their business events.

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