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Win one trip to Los Cabos for 4 people!
Buy your ticket in Aeromexico’s New York ticket office and win a trip to Los Cabos for 4 people. For more information visit the office at:

112 West 34th Street, Suite 1107
New York, NY 10120
(212) 564-3647

SkyTeam’s China Pass:

  • A brand new SkyTeam Product thanks to China Southern now partner of SkyTeam

  • China Pass is operated on China Southern domestic flights in Mainland China, relying on 2 hubs: Guangzhou and Beijing

  • A wide range of destinations: a network of 105 cities in China

  • An easy fare structure: depends on season of travel and number of coupons

  • China Pass must be purchased in conjunction with an international round-trip ticket on any SkyTeam partner airline to China, or in conjonction with a SkyTeam Round the World ticket.

  • The China Pass can be sold in conjunction with an international SkyTeam Frequent Flyer reward ticket but not with any other non-revenue ticket.

  • Booking of the first sector must be made at least 3 days before international departure.

  • Flexibility of travel: other coupons (up to 9 coupons) may be booked at any time.

  • In China: choice of 3 to 9 coupons

  • Economy class transportation

  • No minimum stay

  • Maximum stay of 60 days

  • Each city may be visited once – except points of origin and destination

  • No combination with any other SkyTeam product is allowed

  • Changes are allowed except for the first sector

  • Rerouting is allowed except for first sector, with a charge of 100USD and payment of price difference

  • Luggage allowance of 20kgs

  • China Pass does not allow frequent flyer miles earning

 Low season:
from 330 USD (for 3 coupons)
to 845 USD (for 9 coupons)

High season:
from 410 USD (for 3 coupons)
to 1055 USD (for 9 coupons)

  • A long distance surcharge (70USD) applies to several destinations

  • Children discounts are available (75% of fare)

EX1: An adult passenger travelling in high season

Beijing – Shanghai – Guang Zhou – Lahsa - Chong Qing – Urumqi – Beijing
will pay 905 USD for a SkyTeam China Pass with 6 coupons. The conventional air fare would be 1580 USD for the same routing.

EX2: An adult passenger travelling in low season

Beijing – Shanghai – Guang Zhou – Beijing
Will pay 330 USD for a Sky Team China Pass with 3 coupons. The conventional air fare would be 600 USD.

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