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Wednesday 21

Latin America Economic, Business & Trade Forecast
   Join the members of the Greater Philadelphia international business community for a discussion on the challenges, business opportunities and economic environment in Latin America. This breakfast program will address the global role of Latin America from three perspectives: the political and macroeconomic situation for multinationals in Latin America, the current and future financial landscape in the region and the new venture opportunities and emerging areas for business in Latin America. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain first hand insight from representatives of Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica and Brazil on the issues that the region faces, as well as knowledge of the economic trends that will shape the region’s future in the coming years.
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Wednesday 28

Mexico Business Investment Forum
   The Mexico Business and Investment Forum will address the business opportunities of the recently approved structural reforms and its effects on promotion of competition and opening of business for new and existing players looking to enter or to grow in the market. It will encourage a dialogue about the future of social and economic progress in Mexico and beyond. Sessions are designed to examine some of the nation’s successes, but also the most substantial barriers to progress, as we debate the ways Mexico can commit to a long-term strategy in regards to policymaking, global partnerships, crisis management, as well as a more creative approach to business.
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Thursday 19

US-Mexico Real Estate Investment Summit 2015
   Join us for our annual US-Mexico Real Estate Investment Summit 2015 Recognized specialists from Mexico and the USA will deliver a comprehensive analysis of Mexico’s Real Estate market, the current situation, outlook and its relation with the United States Learn about business opportunities in real estate in Mexico open for USA and international industry players as well as comprehend trends and innovation on investing and financing real estate in Mexico Come for prime networking opportunities with individuals currently participating or interested in the Mexican real estate market, including real estate specialists, institutional investors, bankers and developers from Mexico and the United States
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Monday 23

Expert Insight on Security, Politics & Economics
   ***Members Only*** Join us for a private conversation with Jorge Tello, Former Security Advisor to the Presidency of Mexico and Former Head of the Mexican Intelligence Agency (CISEN). Among other topics, Mr. Tello will present a constructive view and assessment of the current situation in Mexico in terms of security, politics and economics. He will discuss his perspective on the real and potential impact of these factors on foreign direct investment and business transactions, as well as strategies to effectively address these challenges.
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Tuesday 24

BOSTON - NAFTA 2.0 Strengthening Comeptitiveness
   Please join us for a discussion on the accomplishments and the future of North American economic and business relations. The presentation will focus on the US-Canada-Mexico business relationship, the future of NAFTA , the resurgence of manufacturing in North America, partnership and collaboration between Mexico and New England, as well as business opportunities between both regions
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Thursday 26

Mexico: Housing Revival
   ***Members Only*** The United States –Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter, is collaborating with Foreign Affairs to support the conference "Mexico: Housing Revival" which will be held at Foreign Affairs in New York City on February 26, 2015. This invitation to attend the event is exclusive for current Members and Special Guests and cannot be transferred. For information, please contact alejandro@usmcocne.org



Tuesday 14

Mexico or Brazil: Two Distinct Economic Models...
   A little more than two years ago, the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce and the United States – Mexico Chamber of Commerce presented a panel of experts to analyze and discuss the strengths, challenges and outlook for the Mexican and Brazilian economies. We invite you to meet again with this group of experts –with some new additions- to contrast their forecasts at that time with the current situation and outlook for both economies.
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Tuesday 21

IPAB Roundtable
   Changes to the Regulatory Framework for Deposit Insurance and Bank Restructuring & Bankruptcy Procedures. Members Only Event
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Wednesday 29

Mexico: Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices
   Mexico has become a premiere destination and Latin American hub for both the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industries. The purpose of this conference is to present, discuss, and analyze the current situation and perspectives on the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in Mexico from a business and investment perspective. We will be evaluating the regulatory changes that have been made and how COFEPRIS (Mexican equivalent of the FDA) now has a much simpler process. We will also discuss the benefits that Mexico represents as platform for the rest of Latin America. Other discussion topics include: Mexico’s pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotech industry Structure Regulatory framework for import-export, production, distribution and retailing Mexican health system and procurement processes Tax and legal compliance Investment opportunities: Acquisitions, mergers as well as direct and portfolio investments
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Wednesday 29

The Oil Crash & its Impact on Latin America
   Join us as we evaluate whether lower oil prices impacted growth and inflation across various Latin American countries. We will discuss what policy options governments have to respond regarding the monetary, fiscal and exchange rate front.
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Tuesday 5

Cinco de Mayo Corporate Luncheon
   Join us for our annual celebration of this important day in Mexican history as we celebrate our heritage and embrace our culture by enjoying Mexican music, cuisine and beverages.
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Wednesday 13

Binational Conference & Gala, Washington DC
   On May 13 & 14 The United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce (USMCOC) will be hosting our annual Bi-national Meeting, Conference & Gala. The event will present an exciting combination of meetings which will address some of the critical issues that the business community faces on both sides of the border. We will focus on issues that impact the relationship between our two countries and that have a high priority on the Chamber’s agenda.
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Thursday 21

The Pacific Alliance - Opportunities for NY
   Join us as the Consul Generals of the countries that form part of the Pacific Alliance created in April, 2011 give us a briefing on the regional integration initiative whose member states are Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. As a whole, the Pacific Alliance constitutes the eighth largest economy and represents the seventh largest exporting entity worldwide. Its objectives are to build in a participatory and consensual manner, an area of deep economic integration and to move gradually toward the free circulation of goods, services, capital and persons. It promotes growth, development and competitiveness of the Parties’ economies, aiming at achieving greater welfare, overcoming socio-economic inequality and achieving greater social inclusion of their inhabitants. It’s become a platform for political articulation, and economic and trade integration, and project these strengths to the rest of the world, with a special emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region.
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Tuesday 26

NAFTA 21 Years: Assessment and New Opportunities
   Join The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce NE Chapter partnering with the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce for this very interesting event in which the following topics will be discussed- North American Free Treaty Agreement: United States, Mexico and Canada Evaluation of the national and benefits of NAFTA 21 year after its enactment New and unexploited NAFTA opportunities for middle market local companies Trade, customs, supply chain, logistics and financing of NAFTA transactions The future of NAFTA
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Wednesday 27

Spain & Latin America Networking Cocktail
   Join us for our annual networking cocktail in conjunction with other Chambers and Organizations. This event brings 200+ guests together from different companies in NYC so come and mingle!
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Tuesday 2

New Mexican Insurance & Reinsurance Regulations
   Join us for our "The New Insurance & Reinsurance Regulations in Mexico: Keeping up With the Most Progressive International Practices." Discussion topics will include a Comprehensive overview of Mexico’s Insurance and Surety Industry,The New Regulatory Framework for Authorized Investments, Financing and Capital Investing in the Insurance sector: Mexico vs. U.S, Overview of Mexico’s vs. U.S.’s Reinsurance Industry, Alternate Reinsurance Structures and exploring having Bermuda as a Potential Partner
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Thursday 4

Mexico Private Equity Day
   The United States –Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter, is supporting the Mexican Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital (AMEXCAP) in their upcoming conference "Mexico Private Equity Day in NYC" which will be held at The Westin Hotel, Grand Central in New York City on June 4, 2015. The discount to attend the event is exclusive for current Members* and Special Guests and cannot be transferred. For further questions regarding the event please contact alejandro@usmcocne.org

Tuesday 16

Mexico: Mid-term Election & Results
   Join us for an Election discussion- Opposition parties and civil society made their voices heard more strongly than ever before, and there is plenty of buzz about the direction in which this nation is headed moving forward. Political and economic analysts have shared their opinions since the election, but an important set of voices have, in recent years, gained more influence within this discussion: the financial and political media.
   ::registration & invitation::

Wednesday 17

Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life
   The United States –Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter, is supporting the Consulate General of Mexico in New York, The Mexican Tourism Board and The Mexican Cultural Institute in their upcoming event "Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life" which will be held at The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, New York on Wednesday June 17, 2015. The details of the event may be found below. Contact alejandro@usmcocne.org for details.



Monday 27

Broadway Meets Wall Street
   Join us for a Latin American Broadway experience in New York City! Come and meet some of the most successful Latin performers on Broadway as well as business professionals at this unique networking event. What is better than a fun night with live music and Salsa dancing on the side?
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Tuesday 11

Members Only Roundtable
   Join us for our new initiative. We will be hosting bi-monthly roundtables to recap on the economic and business environment and the relation between both nations. Our format will be very interactive so we encourage your participation on the discussion and also to propose topics you would like to address in future roundtables.
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Monday 24

North American Sustainable Economic Development
   Following our First North American Sustainable Economic Development Summit held in August of 2014, this year, we will focus on "Trade Regimes of the Americas." The way trade is conducted in the Western Hemisphere continues to evolve, and the initiatives of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), continue to bring together the economies of the United States, Mexico, Canada and the region. Now the largest free trade regime in the world, connecting 450 million people, and producing $17 trillion worth of goods and services annually, North America stands to benefit greatly with the potential implementation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the Trans-Atlantic Partnership, which are currently being debated and negotiated.



Wednesday 2

Current Global Economic Uncertainty
   Join us for a conversation with Patrick Artus, one of the most influential and recognized economists in France. He has worked at the Economics Department of the OECD, as Head of Research at the Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l Administration Economique, and as Professor at University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, Dauphine, Centre des Hautes Etudes de l Armement, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees and HEC Lausanne. He is currently member of the Council of Economic Advisors to the French Prime Minister.
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Wednesday 9

Foreign Artistic Community in New York
   Join us for an informative conversation with experts on legal and tax issues related to foreign professionals in the artistic and entertainment industry in New York.
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Tuesday 15

El Grito: Mexico Independence Day Celebration
   Join us for this Young Professionals Networking event in which the Consul General of Mexico will give the official Grito ceremony. Please note that this is not a corporate event of the Chamber and it is aimed towards the young professionals networking group.
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Thursday 17

Conversation with the President of CANACINTRA
   Join us for a conversation with Rodrigo Alpizar National President CANACINTRA (Mexico National Chamber of Industrial Companies) CANACINTRA is a nationwide association of industrial companies in Mexico with more than 50,000 members. It covers a vast spectrum of industrial sectors, such as automotive, chemical, food & beverage, metal-mechanic, medical devices, paper, construction. CANACINTRA is recognized as one of the key players in the development and implementation of the industrial policy in Mexico. Currently CANCINTRA is participating in programs and initiatives such as: i) the implementation of the energy reform and the advantages that the reform represents for the industrial sector in Mexico; ii) the increasing participation of the Mexican industrial sector in the energy sector and partnerships with foreign investors and companies, and iii) the strengthening of the supply chain and its deeper integration with international markets.
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Friday 2

Mexico Monetary Policy & Economic Outlook
   Join us for Mexico Monetary Policy & Economic Outlook: A presentation and conversation with Manuel Sánchez Vice Governor of the Central Bank of Mexico (Banco de Mexico)
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Wednesday 14

Bimonthly U.S.-Mexico Update. Members Only
   We will be hosting our second bi-monthly roundtable to recap on the economic and business environment and the relation between both nations. Topics & Speakers Update on the United States - Mexico Relation Ambassador Sandra Fuentes-Berain Consul General of Mexico in New York Keynote Speaker Roundtable Host Eduardo Ramos-Gómez President, U.S.- Mexico Chamber of Commerce Northeast Chapter Managing Partner, Duane Morris (Binational Member). This is a Members Only event, however, we invite you to bring guests with the premise that they demonstrate a genuine interest in our chamber and perhaps explore the possibility of becoming potential members themselves.
   ::registration & invitation::

Tuesday 20

New Vehicles for Finacing & Investing in Mexico
   Fibra E is one of three new investment instruments which were recently announced by the Mexican government along with the certificates of educational infrastructure projects and bonds. The maority of the rules that apply to Fibra E were stipulated by authorities last week. This new financial instrument seeks to attract capital to develop energy infrastructure projects and was originally announced by President Enrique Peña Nieto during his third governmental report. The National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) introduced the bill to amend the general provisions applicable to securities issuers and market participants, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance said that the rules for Fibra E will be ready no later than October 20, once they’ve been reviewed by the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission (Cofemer). We invite you to be a part of the conversation and learn more about this topic.
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Friday 30

Impact Investing in Mexico: Reality Check
   Join us for an analysis of the ecosystem of impact investment in Mexico. Learn about business cases including internal corporate impact investment, domestic and international funding & entrepreneurship and much more.
   ::registration & invitation::



Thursday 3

New Antirust / Competition Regulation
   Join us as we discuss the new role of Anitrust Authority in Mexico concerning Competition Enforcement and Procompetative Regulatory Decisions. Discussion topics will include new opportunities to participate in the Mexican economy in sectors such as Telecommunications, Transport, Financial Services and Energy; The new role for the Mexican Antitrust Agency to increase productivity with its new enforcement and regulatory capacities; The new role of specialized courts in competition and telecommunications; Major changes in the antitrust law and the new strategy to interact with the competition authority and the Coordination mechanisms among competition authorities of Mexico and the US.
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For more information, sponsorship and speaker opportunities for these and other events contact us at events@usmcocne.org or call us directly at 212 471 4702.


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