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Thursday 28

Mexico: Economic and Investment Perspectives
   During the past 15 years, Mexico has successfully moved away from a period of economic and political instability, represented by several crises consisting of currency devaluation, hyperinflation and decreased purchasing power, to one of stability and consistent growth. Despite Mexico’s ability to contain inflation, lower interest rates and compete globally, it has not been able to implement the necessary structural reforms that will solve the root cause of its problems, which include a weak tax base and dependence on oil revenue to finance spending programs that would incentivize domestic demand. Mexico’s growth has significantly declined for the past two years due to the recent U.S. financial turmoil, global economic crisis and lower oil prices. This has motivated some of the rating agencies to scrutinize Mexico’s economic outlook, with one of them downgrading Mexico’s foreign debt rating to the second-lowest investment grade



Wednesday 3

Mexico’s Political Landscape-Un futuro para México
   Rountable discussion with two prominent political analysts and authors: Jorge G. Castañeda and Hector Aguilar Camin. Castañeda and Camin kept an attentive audience; they stated the crucial need for consensus before Mexico’s next presidential elections and shared thoughts on whether or not Mexico’s history represented an obstacle for building a more prosperous country.
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Monday 8

Mexican Housing Day 2010
   The USMCOC-NE coordinated the seventh edition of the Mexican Housing Day on February 8th in New York City. With an audience of 340 people, the event was a success. For the first time all the top Mexican real estate developers hosted the event: Ara, GEO, Sare, Homex, Urbi, Consorcio Hogar. The event was also hosted by and the public housing agencies INFONAVIT, FOVISSSTE, SHF, and Conavi.
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Thursday 25

Infrastructure Finance Forum
   As supporting organization of the Infrastructure Finance Forum, the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter, hosted an event where the financing of projects in emerging markets. Mexico was part of the discussion.

Friday 26

Mexico’s Political Landscape - Cesar Nava Vazquez
   National President of PAN, Partido Acción Nacional (National Action Party). "Mexico 's Political and Economic Agenda". Politics are running in high gear in Mexico – in anticipation of 10 state government races and 13 state congressional races this year and the presidential election in 2012. To help our members sort through the issues in question in the many political debates taking place, the U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce is launching a series of roundtable meetings featuring key players across the Mexican political spectrum.
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Friday 5

Doing Business with Mexico.
   As part of the chapter’s expansion, the USMCOC-NE together with the Northern New Jersey Office of The U.S. Department of Commerce's Commercial Service organized an informative seminar about doing business with Mexico. The panelists shared their expertise on imports-exports regulations as well as the legal framework, technical regulations on consumer’s information and specific standards on products.
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Wednesday 10

The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg
   The reception “New York City and Latin America: A Growing Partnership” led by the Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York, was made possible with the organization of the USMCOC-NE.
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Tuesday 16

Senator Luis Alberto Villarreal García
   Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations for North America. Senator Villarreal discussed topics such as the U.S.-Mexico relation from the perspective of Mexico’s Senate; liaisons and cooperation between the Congresses of both countries; and the agenda of Mexico’s Senate in terms of the political and other reforms.
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Thursday 22

Short Stories of the Mexican Independence
   As part of the activities commemorating the Bicentennial of Mexico’s Independence and the Centennial of Mexican Revolution, the Havana Film Festival and the USMCOCNE co-presented the premier of the movie “Crafts Humors and Short Stories of the Mexican Independence and Revolution.”
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Wednesday 28

Doing Business in Mexico
   Doing Business in Mexico. Program in association with the U.S. Commercial Service. This meeting included specialist on the practical aspects of doing business under NAFTA.
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Thursday 29

Georgina Kessel
   Georgina Kessel, Mexico's Secretary of Energy discussed Mexico’s initiatives as climate change pioneer ahead of the Cop 16 conference in Cancun, Mexico. The Secretary also discussed the implementation of Mexico’s energy reform and several key energy projects that have been the focus of the President Calderon’s administration.
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Wednesday 5

Cinco de Mayo Luncheon
   Continuing with the tradition of celebrating the Cinco de Mayo, the USMCOCNE organized the “Cinco de Mayo Luncheon”. Close to 100 distinguished members enjoyed of the Mexican food, cocktails, company, and a very special musical performance.
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Friday 4

Filmmaking in Mexico: Benefits ..
   Filmmaking in Mexico: Benefits & Business Opportunities. With new financial and tax incentives, Mexico has become one of the largest places for talent, workforce and infrastructure in Latin America. With this in mind the USMCOCNE hosted an event inviting people in the industry to talk to investors, producers, artists and students about the potential opportunity in the filmmaking business in Mexico.
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Friday 4

Microfinance in Mexico
   Experts in the field discussed the current status of Microfinancing in Mexico and its role in Mexico’s development. Among these speakers moderated by Eberhard Rohm, partner at Duane Morris, were Carlos Danel, who is Executive Vice President & Co-Founder of Compartamos Bank, Gary Kochubka, the Senior Director at Standard & Poor's and Jenny A. Hourihan, CFO, Pro Mujer. The event was a success and many current themes were discussed about women’s position and development in Mexico.
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Wednesday 9

Real Estate Investments in Mexico’s Tourism Sector
   Analysis and discussion on Real Estate Investments in the Mexican Tourism Sector. The panel featured several individuals with extensive expertise in the field: Juan Manuel Galarza from Mexico’s National Trust Fund for Tourism Development (FONATUR); Chuck Bedsole, of Alvarez & Marsal; and William Candelaria of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher LLP.
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Thursday 15

Opportunities and Benefits of a Low Carbon Economy
   This seminar addressed issues related to climate change and environmental issues. Moderated by Mary Rose Brusewitz of Strasburger & Price LLP, attendees heard presentations by James Balsan, Bank of New York Mellon; Imtiaz Ahmad, Morgan Stanley; Patrick J. Larkin, Strasburger & Price LLP; and Alessandra Marcarian of Forastieri Abogados.
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Tuesday 24

Spain & Latin America Networking Event 2010
   The annual Networking Event had the participation of the Chambers of Latin America and Spain. Guests enjoyed Latin American music, drinks, food, and of course business networking during a private viewing of the art exhibit.
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Thursday 26

Mexico’s Competitiveness Position:
   Challenges and Opportunities from the Perspective of Mexico’s Private Sector, a eminar with panelists Roberto Newell, Institute for the Mexican Competitiveness; Antonio Purón, Independent Consultant; and Erik R. Peterson, Global Business Policy Council and Ricardo Haneine of A.T.Kearney. Among the topics discussed were: trends and challenges for foreign direct investment, strengths and weaknesses of Mexico's business environment, emerging sectors and industries, and the advantages and disadvantages of the legal and regulatory framework.
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Monday 13

Elected Governors of Sinaloa and Puebla
   Rafael Moreno Valle, Elected Governor for the State of Puebla and Mario Lopez Valdez, Elected Governor for the State of Sinaloa, presented general information about their states, future projects, as well as investment opportunities.
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Thursday 23

Mexico's Undersecretary of Infrastructure
   Mexico’s Undersecretary of Infrastructure, Oscar de Buen, updated Chapter members about the Mexican highway program, public-private partnerships, border crossing and highway development at the U.S.-Mexico border. He also discussed the accomplishments and upcoming investment opportunities.
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Thursday 14

The Fight for Public Security in Mexico
   Mr. Monte Alejandro Rubido Garcia Undersecretary of Prevention and Citizen Participation of the Secretariat of Public Security in Mexico.
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Friday 19

Mexico's Centennial / Bicentennial Celebration
   2010 marked a milestone for Mexico as the country celebrated the Bicentennial of its Independence and the Centennial of Mexico’s Revolution. The U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce Northeast Chapter had a joint celebration of Mexico’s Independence and Revolution. This event represents the most significant ceremony of Mexico’s Independence and Revolution among the business community in New York and it is the most important annual social and networking event of the Chamber.
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Thursday 2

V Hispanic Market Forum 2010
   The Hispanic Market Forum has being held every year since 2007. The goal of this year's event is to present an objective and concise analysis, about the new developments and trends in this dynamic market sector.
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Friday 3

The Mexican Pension Fund System
   Topics: Analysis of the evolution of Mexico’s Pension Fund System; Discussion on the new regulatory framework for Pension Funds; Business opportunities for foreign entities and markets; Instruments and Securities Designed for Mexican Pension Funds and Traded at the Mexican Stock Exchange; Real Estate Investments of Mexico’s Pension Fund.
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For more information, sponsorship and speaker opportunities for these and other events contact us at events@usmcocne.org or call us directly at 212 471 4702.


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