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Thursday 30

Mexico's Economic & Political Outlook 2020
    Join us in a conversation with a panel of experts to discuss: Mexico's Economic and Political Outlook for 2020.
   ::registration & invitation::



Tuesday 11

Conversation with the President of Mexico´s PRI
   As part of the efforts of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter to provide its Membership with relevant and useful information and learn from key players in the economic and political arena, we cordially invite you to a private meeting with Alejandro Moreno Cardenas, President of the National Executive Committee of Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).
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Tuesday 25

Members-Only: Mexico’s Tax Reform Implications
   Wealth Management Group for Members - Roundtable discussion: "Mexico’s Tax Reform Implications for Mexican Individuals Investing Internationally"
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Thursday 27

US-Mexico Fashion Industry Conference
   Join our panels of experts to discuss "Dressing Up With Innovation and Evolution in North America".
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Thursday 27

7th U.S.-Mexico Real Estate Investment Summit
   Join us for our seventh annual US - Mexico Real Estate Investment Summit. Recognized specialists will provide a comprehensive analysis regarding the current situation and outlook of the real estate market in Mexico and its relation with the United States.
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Tuesday 3

Meeting & Welcoming Reception -Consul Philadelphia
   Join us for a private roundtable and welcoming reception to Carlos Obrador, the new Consul of Mexico in Philadelphia.
   ::registration & invitation::

Tuesday 10

Building Partnerships for the Mexican Energy Secto
   Join us for a Members-Only forum to share experiences, sector analysis, success stories and concerns on developing, financing and investing in energy projects in Mexico, while building alliances with sector peers and becoming a channel to convey constructive messages to authorities and other market participants.
   ::registration & invitation::

Wednesday 25

Plática COVID-19 - Consulado General de México N
   Te invitamos a una plática informativa con el Cónsul General de México en Nueva York, Jorge Islas, sobre la situación actual del COVID-19 en el área Tri-Estatal. - Videoconferencia



Wednesday 1

Temas Migratorios en el Entorno de COVID-19
   La Cámara de Comercio México - Estados Unidos te invita a una videoconferencia con Alex Rojas, abogado especializado en temas migratorios, en la que compartirá información sobre implicaciones en esta materia para profesionistas y empresarios mexicanos en Nueva York en el entorno del COVID-19.
   ::registration & invitation::

Tuesday 14

U.S.-Mexico Relation & Local Actions COVID-19
   Join us for a members-only conversation with Jorge Islas, Consul General of Mexico in New York, to discuss the United States - Mexico relation and local actions in the Tri-State Area in the context of COVID-19.
   ::registration & invitation::

Thursday 30

Essential Sectors in the U.S. & Mexico
   The United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter invites you to a videoconference with a panel of experts to discuss the differences on the sectors that are considered essential in the United States vs. Mexico and how they are affecting different industries
   ::registration & invitation::



Saturday 2

Cinco de Mayo Eat, Drink & Support Week
   The United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter, in an effort to support the Mexican hospitality industry in New York City during these challenging times, invites you to participate in our Cinco de Mayo Eat, Drink & Support Week.
   ::registration & invitation::

Wednesday 6

PEMEX: A Market Perspective After its Credit Ratin
   The United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast Chapter invites you to a webcast with a panel of experts to discuss the implications on Mexico's public finances after Pemex's credit rating downgrade.
   ::registration & invitation::



Tuesday 2

Mexico's Tourism: Smart Steps for an Effective Rev
   The United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast & California Chapters, invite you to join us for a videoconference to discuss a safe and smart reopening and the new normal scenarios for the tourism sector in Mexico.
   ::registration & invitation::

Friday 5

A Conversation with Javier Guzman - Banxico
   The United States - Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Northeast & California Chapters, invite you to join us for a conversation with Javier Guzman, Vice Governor of Mexico's Central Bank, about Mexico's Monetary Policy & Economic Outlook.
   ::registration & invitation::

For more information, sponsorship and speaker opportunities for these and other events contact us at events@usmcocne.org or call us directly at 212 471 4702.


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