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About us

Letter from the President

Northeast Chapter Structure

Bi-National Office


The governing and executive bodies of the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce Northeast Chapter are:

  • Chapter Regional Advisory Board

  • Managing Committee 

  • Chapter's Staff

The Chapter Regional Advisory Board represents the supreme governing body of the Chapter. It is composed by appointed representatives of the Chapter's members, according to their membership categories.

The Managing Committee is the executive arm of the Chapter Regional Advisory Council. The Managing Committee is leaded by the Chapters President, who in coordination with the rest of the Managing Committee members and Staff, is in charge of the regular business management and representation of the Chapter.

Members of the Management Committee: 

  Rosa M. Ertze, President
  Enrique Pérez-Grovas Vice President Programs
  Javier Escobar, Vice President Development
  James M. Cassidy, Treasurer
 Jorge Mariscal
  Denise S. Simon
  Rosemary Werrett

Staff of the Northeast Chapter:

The daily operation and business of the Chapter are performed by an experimented Staff. The Staff is composed by full time people devoted to fulfillment of the Chapter's mission and objectives.

  Alejandro Ramos. Executive Director
Tel (212)471-4703

 Marianna Rossell. Trade Representative
Tel. (212) 471-4702, Fax (212) 471-4701

The United States-Mexico Chamber
of Commerce

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Fax. (212) 471-4701




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